For Parents

If you like what you’ve been reading at Little Stories but want more, the good news is there IS more!

After years of developing treatment programs and learning activities that engage parents and teachers, I’m passionate about reaching as many parents as possible to help them feel like they can truly make changes that will impact their child’s communication and increase their child’s ability to tell their story. In order to do that, we can connect one-on-one about a specific topic you’d like to discuss related to your child, or I am available to speak to your group.  Here’s how it works:

Personal Consultations

In person, over the phone, through Skype or Face Time, I offer guidance on all aspects of speech and language development for your child. All consultations are personalized to your specific needs and include a written Next Steps Packet specifying our discussed goals, recommendations, and activities. In addition, varying levels of follow up support are provided. My most popular consultations are the following:

  • Toy Makeovers – The physical environment a child is immersed in is important because it actually sets the stage for quality interactions. If you are overwhelmed by all the toys in your home or you want help setting up the most effective learning environment for your child, a toy makeover will meet your goals. You will be surprised how much a child’s play, and therefore overall development, can benefit from something as simple as modifying the environment, for both children developing typically and children demonstrating developmental delays.
  • Concerns About Your Child’s Development – If you wonder if your child’s development is on track and where you can access the services to find specific answers, I can point you in the right direction and give you family-based goals to begin to move forward.
  • Advice On Current Service Delivery – If your child is already receiving services, you may wonder if your child is getting the right type and level of services, you may want to find ways to work more effectively with your child’s therapist(s), or may want to have a better understanding of your child’s areas of difficulties and areas of strength. I can review your child’s evaluations, IFSPs/IEPs, and medical records, and assist you in assessing your current situation and services.

Speaking Engagements, Workshops & Trainings

I have trained and spoken to teachers, speech-language pathologists, daycare providers, parent groups, and community groups around the country. I offer a unique approach to early childhood development through teamwork and play that I share with groups through engaging workshops with practical tools and plans for real follow-through. My talks are tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. Some examples of those groups may be:

  • Parent Groups (ex: Parenting Classes, New Parent Groups, Moms Groups)
  • Community Groups (ex: Library Story Time Groups, Church Groups, Homeschooling Groups)

Some of the most commonly requested topics are:

  • Picky Choosy: Selecting the Best Toys for Language Development
  • Language Is Everywhere: Infusing Speech and Language Into Every Day
  • Books Are Play: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Books
  • Magical Teaching: Harnessing the Power of Stories and Pretend Play

To make a consultation appointment, check speaking availability, or inquire about fees, please contact us. I look forward to getting to know more about YOUR story and how I may help you enjoy and learn more on your journey!