Jennifer of the simply fabulous Classic Play asked me about how I encourage creativity as a mom. I was thankful for a chance to be involved in her great website because I BELIEVE in classic play, and excited to work with Jennifer because she’s incredibly talented and super sweet. Here’s me getting a little personal and sharing about creativity at our house…

I’m creative, not crafty. I can’t sew, knit, crochet, draw or paint. I depend on my mom to share her crafty quilting, basket weaving and rug braiding with my daughters. Instead, my creative outlet is through story and play. One of the reasons my job working with young children makes me feel great is because I get to be creative in this way. Even more awesome, I get to play and tell stories as a mom everyday, all day. I know by sharing my creativity with my daughters, it will spark theirs. So, we really live it up with stories and play around here, and this is how we do it.

1. Have less. I just can’t say it enough – having fewer toys leads to better play. When  children are not distracted by all of the toy chaos, they can focus on deeper play experiences and begin to really tap into their own creativity and imagination. We have fewer toys by buying less and rotatingwhat toys we do have. We also repurpose household items, like using empty spice jars as play items for my daughter’s kitchen. These spice jars have allowed for months of creative play centered around seasoning food and trying out the varied actions of sprinkling, pouring and measuring. But even better than repurposing, is when we can create. When we don’t have the toy we “need” for our play, we may create one by painting it and cutting it out, like this vase of flowers. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Fostering Creativity

2. Have good. Besides having fewer toys, having good toys makes all of the difference. Good toys don’t do much on their own. They don’t have push buttons or a digitized voice. Instead, they require your child to do all of the steering, soaring, sautéing, stacking, and singing. Good toys can be played with a million different ways which allows for endless creative options, from a simple stir to a complex tea party complete with an assortment of scones. So we are really choosy when it comes to toys. // Click over to read more. //