What is Little Stories?

Little Stories is a special place. We know that every parent remembers their child’s first word or is patiently and excitedly waiting to hear what that word will be.  As parents, we all want to know our child’s story as it begins to unfold – their wants, dreams, and even what seems to make them so mad!  We want to let our child know that we hear them and that their story is important.

Whether you have noticed that your child is having difficulty with his or her first words, or you are just interested in learning more about encouraging your child’s language development, Little Stories offers professional knowledge, a community of parents, and a lot of fun for families with young language learners!

Let’s join together in the work and fun of playing and learning language!

  1. Lorrie says:

    Kim — Thanks so much for this great blog! I’m Lindsay’s sister-in-law, and she pointed me to your site. I’ve been talking to her and reading your blog to gain guidance on working with my 15 month old, and in just the past 2 weeks (since I’ve been getting educated myself on how to more effectively work with him) I’ve seen huge growth. It’s so exciting! I’ve passed your blog on to several of my mom friends and they love it, too. Thanks!

    • Kim says:

      Thank you! What a lucky boy to have such a proactive mama! That’s so wonderful. I can’t wait to hear how your son progresses. Please feel free to introduce yourself on our facebook page to connect with other parents and find even more support.